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Stamped Parts for Electrical Insulation

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At ESPE Manufacturing Co., we provide high-quality electrical insulation materials and fabricated plastic parts. In addition to stocking and distributing a large inventory of non-metallic materials, we offer custom fabrication capabilities ranging from prototype to full production runs. Stamping is one of our fabrication specialties. We produce a wide range of stamped products made from […]

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Is There a Difference Between Blanking & Punching?

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At ESPE Manufacturing Co., Inc., we provide a wide range of high quality stamping services for a broad spectrum of materials, including nylon, vulcanized fibre, and neoprene. Our robust, quality-driven stamping capabilities include: Forming: This process utilizes forces such as compression, shear, and tension to deform and ultimately transform materials into desired shapes or forms. Scoring: Scoring […]

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