Machining & Fabrication Services

From the time we began in 1948, ESPE Manufacturing Co., Inc. has grown to become one of the largest providers of electrical insulation parts in the Midwest. What started with our two founders making parts during WWII, then incorporating in 1948, is now a 30,000-square-foot, high-tech facility with the most advanced machinery available and state-of-the-art quality control equipment.

We have the most extensive electrical insulation inventory in the Midwest, and our experienced, knowledgeable staff has the expertise in flame-retardant electrical insulating materials to help you select the best material for your industrial or consumer electrical and electronics applications. We work with many grades and types of plastics and papers, including Formex®, Nomex®, fishpaper, and vulcanized fiber for electrical insulation.

We offer a wide range of machining and fabrication services and utilize a variety of fabrication methods to ensure that your parts are manufactured to exacting tolerances and conform to your specifications. Our highly skilled production team are experts in die-cutting, CNC turning, milling, shearing, slitting, and laser plastic cutting.

Fabricated Plastic Parts for Electrical Insulation and Barriers

At ESPE, we are a trusted supplier of fabricated plastic parts. We specialize in the fabrication of electrical insulation and barrier parts made from ITW Formex, Nomex, fishpaper, and vulcanized fiber, but we also work with a long list of other non-metal materials. Inside our well-equipped fabrication facility, we work on projects that involve intricately detailed prototypes, as well mass production of items such as washers, insulators, arc chutes, and many other insulating, shielding, and sealing products.

We fabricate parts customized to your exact specifications using the most efficient and cost-effective methods for your project. Our shop houses laser cutters capable of making precise cuts for intricately detailed parts, as well as high-speed hydraulic presses for die-cutting. With multiple stamping presses with ratings up to 40 tons, CNC turning and milling equipment, laminating machinery, and shearing and slitting lines, we are capable of fabricating parts of any complexity while upholding close manufacturing tolerances.

Machining & Fabrication Services Provided at ESPE

At ESPE Manufacturing, we offer a complete array of machining and fabrications services.

Laser Cutting
ESPE Manufacturing Co., Inc. continues to be a pioneer in the laser cutting field, utilizing the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to provide laser cutting solutions. Laser cutting offers an economical and efficient method of cutting non-metal materials such as plastics and electrical insulation materials. Our advanced equipment uses dual-axis cutting heads, enabling us to make the most detailed and complex cuts while maintaining rigorous quality standards.

Digital Cutting
ESPE Manufacturing has earned a reputation for using the highest quality materials with the most technologically advanced equipment available. Our fabrication services include digital cutting, enabling us to shape stock using a computer-generated design. Digital cutting offers a cost-effective, precision manufacturing option because a specific die is not required for different shapes.

Die Cutting
Die-cutting often produces the highest quality products and in a highly efficient, cost-effective manner. Our custom die cutting services feature low upfront tooling costs and can accommodate any production volume size while maintaining the highest levels of accuracy and quality.

EPSE is a leading supplier of stamped products for the electrical insulation industry, offering high-volume production runs, as well as short-run and prototype stampings. Our 40-ton presses combined with our skilled tooling specialists and quality-driven processes ensure that we always meet your exacting specifications.

Slitting and Shearing
We offer precision slitting and shearing services for nearly all non-metal materials. We stock a large inventory of insulating papers and plastics, or you can ship us your material and we will convert it to meet your specifications. We are capable of using a large variety of slitting methods, and our efficient processes are designed for high productivity and minimal waste.

Choose ESPE Manufacturing for the Fabrication & Machining of Electrical Insulation & Barrier Parts

As a family-owned and operated company in business since 1948, we attribute our success to supplying quality parts with fast turnaround times and competitive pricing. Our team is always prepared to offer input on your product development initiatives and provide information about all of the different material options available. We have one of the largest inventories of electrical insulation materials in the Midwest, and we are prepared to start your job at a moment’s notice.

To learn more about our fabrication capabilities or to request a quote, please contact us today.