Fibre Insulator


At ESPE Manufacturing Co., Inc. we produced the fiber insulator highlighted here for use in a musical instrument. Constructed from Fishpaper, production of the insulator involved laser processing to cut and score the workpiece and then folding it into its final form. Based on customer requirements, we needed to engineer the workpiece dimensions to ensure the cut substrate would fold correctly to hold close manufacturing tolerances on the finished product.


As one of the original companies that adopted the use of laser cutting to flexible materials, this particular fabrication technique is one of our core strengths. Our production methodology involved a process called laser scoring, where we created shallow cuts in the Fishpaper to serve as a fold line. By manipulating the wattage on our laser cutter within a narrow range, we accurately controlled the depth of the cut to allow for an accurate fold configuration while maintaining the mechanical and barrier properties of the substrate.


Within only two weeks time, we supplied the customer with sample parts. Impressed with the quality and accuracy, they approved the samples, and we ramped up production. The finished insulator features dimensions of 6.50" in length x 2.50" in width, and by paying attention to every detail during the manufacturing process, we upheld tolerances of ±.005". With Fishpaper construction, the insulator is resistant to heat and cold and exhibits an exceptional level of strength and resilience. Due to its quality and our fast turnaround and pricing, we have fulfilled many repeat orders for this fiber insulator.

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Project Details

Project Name & Description

Fibre Insulator

Capabilities Applied / Processes

Laser cut

Overall Part Dimensions

6.50" x 2.500"

Tightest Tolerances

(+/-) .005

Material Used


Industry for Use

Music Instrumentation

In Process Testing / Inspection Performed

Initial inspection and final inspection


Initially only samples. Production run once all the issues were worked out.

Delivery / Turnaround Time

5-10 business days ARO

Standards Met

As per customer specification