ITW Formex GK, ITW Formex GS (formerly ITW Statex), ITW Formex N3 & ITW Formex GL


Formex is a brand-name line of electrical insulating materials. This flame-retardant electrical insulation is a versatile and cost-effective method for a wide variety of applications. We offer Formex sheets and rolls. A member of the ITW Formex® product line, Formex shields against electric surges in industrial and consumer electronic equipment.

Uses of Formex

Formex is composed of flame-retardant polypropylene that prevents electrically charged components from arcing, protecting the users, equipment, and maintenance personnel. In the event of electrical fire, The Flame retardant properties assure that it the material will not melt or combust up to 115°C / 239°F. It appears in a variety of applications as an electrical insulator and barrier.

Find Formex in the following applications:

  • Cloud data centers
  • Industrial controls
  • LED lighting
  • Electrical power distribution
  • Consumer electronics
  • Major appliances
  • Medical electronics
  • Information technology
  • Telecommunications


Electrical and electronic insulation

Formex provides insulation for:

  • EV battery packs
  • EV onboard chargers
  • EV DC/DC converters
  • EV power electronics controllers
  • EV DC charging stations
  • PV solar power inverters
  • LED drivers
  • EV battery management systems
  • Panelboard barriers and insulators
  • Industrial power terminal insulation

Formex also appears in a variety of electronics and smart home devices such as:

  • Power supplies
  • AI speakers
  • Home appliances
  • Personal computers

Furthermore, Formex can be found in:

  • Patient treatment
  • Monitoring
  • Testing
  • Automated drug dispensing
  • Pulse detection
  • Blood pressure sensing
  • Electrocardiogram instrumentation


Formex barriers exist between PC boards and housings to prevent access to dangerous areas within the equipment.

Types of Formex at ESPE Manufacturing

At ESPE Manufacturing, we provide the following Formex products:

  • Formex GK
    • Available in eight thicknesses ranging 0.005″ through 0.125″ inch
    • Available in eight thicknesses from 0.13 mm through 3.18 mm
    • 115°C/239°F continuous-use temperatures
    • UL 94V-0 for thicknesses 0.017″ and above
    • UL 94VTM-0 for 0.005″ & 0.010″
    • Offers superior dielectric strength
  • Formex GS (formerly Statex)
    • Available in 0.010″, 0.017″ and 0.030″ inch thicknesses
    • Available in 0.25 mm, 0.43 mm & 0.76 mm thicknesses
    • 110°C/239°F continuous-use temperatures
    • UL 94V-0 for thicknesses 0.017″ and 0.030″
    • UL 94VTM-0 for the 0.010″ thickness
    • Static dissipative electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection
  • Formex GL
    • Available in 0.010” and 0.017” inch thicknesses
    • Available in 0.25 mm & 0.43 mm thicknesses
    • 125°C/257°F continuous use temperatures
    • UL 94VTM-0 Flame Class Rating
  • Formex N3
    • Available in 0.008” and 0.010” inch thicknesses
    • Available in 0.20 mm & 0.25 mm thicknesses
    • 130°C/266°F continuous use temperatures
    • UL 94VTM-0 Flame Class Rating
    • Halogen free polycarbonate


Formex offers a range of desirable features for users, including:

  • UL 94V-0 Flame Class Rating meets global standards for safety
  • Non-hygroscopic (ultra-low <0.06% moisture absorption)
  • Excellent dielectric strength shields against electrical surges
  • Chemical resistance maintains mechanical and electrical properties
  • Superior scoring, folding, and bending capabilities—parts do not split or crack
  • Competitive pricing

Formex processing occurs using a variety of methods, including:

  • Die cutting for engraved, rotary, steel rule, and male/female dies
  • Laser/water jet cutting for rapid prototyping and high-speed production
  • Heat forming to produce permanently formed angles on parts with low-cost tooling
  • Machining using conventional techniques for easy fabrication
  • Thermoforming to produce rigid, three-dimensional complex shapes

Additional processing available for Formex includes:

  • Lamination with copper or aluminum foil for EMI and RFI shielding
  • Addition of adhesives for various applications
  • Marking to add embossed or printed product ID or part numbers as well as safety or technical information
  • Welding to bond Formex to itself with conventional techniques
  • Joinery methods to create parts and eliminate external fastening

Insulation for all occasions

Formex materials have a wide variety of uses in a number of electrical insulation applications, from manufacturing to consumer products. This flame-retardant material prevents electric surges by shielding electrical parts, preventing arcing, burning or fire.

ESPE Manufacturing offers a great selection of electrical insulation materials like Formex for your applications. We will be happy to help you select the right electrical insulators and barriers for your application’s needs. Browse our catalog to find a full list of Formex materials and applications, or contact us for more info!

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